ESPHome Sniffer AQI Sensor

November 3, 2020

San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area were severely impacted by major forest fires this summer. The air quality restricted people to go outside (even in a pandemic) to exercise or even just open up our windows to get a cool breeze. Here's an interactive map to see all current fires going on in the country.

I came across the "Sniffer" project on the Home Assistant Forums this summer and knew I wanted to build this project to get more insight into my environment around me and also do something productive with my free time.

This was the view outside my house:


This project wouldn't be possible without Kyle Manna -- he actually reached out to me directly after seeing that I starred his GitHub Repo noticed that I was local. We had a nice phone conversation and chatted about Home-Assistant and ESPHome. Ultimately, we met up briefly and he gave me two PCBs so I could make two air quality sensors.

Please check out his website and GitHub for more information! I just wanted to show how easy it was to follow along with his instructions.

Pictures of the Build Process: